“Eat Well” is a series of cook books that will help you enjoy the foods you love but a cleaner and healthier version.

Author Chelle is passionate about cooking and wanting to make recipes as healthy, natural and unrefined as possible so everyone can enjoy them.

I’ve seen the results myself from my own personal at home cooking and recipes I have created – weight loss, gained energy, reducing the side effects of type 2 diabetes, happier and healthier people.

You too can make a healthier change with these easy to follow recipes – photos that are real – each one cooked, staged and photographed by the author Chelle.

Enjoy over 60 recipes that include Orange Cake, Lasagne, Quiche, Sticky Ribs, Brownie, Scones, Mini Pizzas, Sweet potato salad, Sticky Date cookies and more.
Eat Well Cook Book by Michelle Shea
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